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8oz. Original Ghee

8oz. Original Ghee

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My grandmother's original recipe- golden, flavorful, nutrient-rich butterfat. This is the ghee I grew up with. 

This ghee can be used as your primary cooking oil. Any type of medium- or high-heat cooking, baking, frying, or sautéing should be done using ghee. 

You can also use ghee for making popcorn, oatmeal, sauces and dips. 

Why Grateful Ghee?

  • Our secret ingredient- something we add during the clarification process that enhances the flavor of our ghee, making it taste unlike any other you've tried! This secret ingredient is then strained out (and promptly devoured), leaving behind just pure butter ghee.  
  • We're a small, women-owned business, and we buy all of our ingredients from our local farmers. In addition, we do not use any plastic during production, and make sure all of our materials are recyclable or compostable. 
  • Grateful Ghee donates $1 from every jar sold to support families and small businesses in Syria. Sign up for our email list using the button in the bottom right corner to stay updated on our trip to Damascus in September. 
  • We do not use cheap butter. Our butter comes from small, family farms in Northern California that use holistic farming practices where cows graze on grass year-round.

Please note:

Our ghee is made following ancient, traditional methods, in small batches. Every jar may have a slightly different consistency. Some may be grainier, while others are smooth. In general, our ghee tends to be more grainy. These grains are in fact antioxidants that continue to develop over the lifetime of the product. 

Ghee does not need to be refrigerated. It stays best when stored in a cool, dark place, and it is completely natural for its consistency to fluctuate (much like coconut oil). Keep your jar clean inside, always use a fresh spoon, and twist the lid on tight when you're done. If you won't be using it for a while, you can refrigerate it to ensure freshness.